Personality coachingDo you know how draining it is to feel an underlying discontentedness even when there’s more than enough activities and interests in your life?

Clients come to us when they are fed up feeling drained, even when they are adequately involved in work and with family and friends.

It’s not that they don’t know what to do in their spare time, nor that they don’t have someone close to spend time with. They always have something they can do.

It’s not that they are in any way impaired and can’t engage in activities and interests, but rather that they experience a sense of disengagement even when they are engaged.

It’s not that they don’t set and accomplish goals, or have aspirations but rather that they still experience a widening disconnect between the goals they accomplish and their sense of self.

Our clients are successful, smart and ambitious professions.

They tell us the coaching helped them rediscover their joy in life.

I’ve been told the coaching has lifted a veil of numbness and helped them reconnect with their sense of self.

It has helped them feel more alive and awake and they have gained a profound appreciation for what they do have.

The coaching has helped them gain clarity on what really matters to them.

I don’t suppose you too are feeling frustrated, dull, or stuck-in-a-rut, searching for inspiration and renewed connectedness.?

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