Personality planning for peak performance.

Planning is an integral part of our lives but is not often used in shaping our personality or Core Identity. This is as we are told our personalities become fixed after the age of 30. But are our personalities really stagnant and impervious to our lived experiences? Modern research is proving otherwise.

Your personality does change! Your Identity does evolve!

In the past our personality was allowed to, haphazardly, change as we were exposed to new experiences, but now research is pointing towards a way that allows us to shape our futures even further. Our personality can intentionally be moulded to enhance our relationships and experiences.

To perform at our peak we are required to act now and prepare our Core Identity for up and coming challenges.

Life coaching and the Personality planning Peak Performance Programme.

Practical personality planning consists of the following Seven-step approach. These seven steps are pertinent to any life coaching collaboration. 

Personality plan1) Facilitation and discovery of Core Identity.

     – Personality strengths and potential.

2) Acquiring a Growth Mindset.

     – A Player Attitude

3) Cultivating Mindfulness.

     – Priming Attentiveness (Scope and Focus)

4) Identifying triggers and hot-buttons

     – Progressive Emotional fitness and Intelligence

5) Acknowledging Progress and accepting Rewards

     – Imprinting practices of gratitude

6) Needs Analysis and Prioritising

     – Processing strategic Feedback

7) Integration and alignment of Core Identity.

     – Implementation of peak performance.


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